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Specialized in formulation of sanitizing and disinfection products in respect with the environment, BIOXY AFD inc. creats various disinfecting solutions due to its revolutionary patented product BIOXY Plus.   The company is known for its ability to solve concrete problems in a variety of situations and specific contexts. In a changing world, BIOXY AFD inc. is constantly renewing itself to meet the new needs emerging from different markets and has thus earned a special place in its deep understanding of the challenges of each industry to which it is interested. .

Why Bioxy

Quality Control

The quality control in BIOXY AFD inc. is an ongoing process for the formulation, manufacturing, distribution and after-sales service.   The manufacturing of BIOXY AFD Inc. products is ISO 9001: (2008), meets the standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and holds an establishment license for pharmaceuticals.   Essentially, all aspects of the design of products, from raw materials to the marketing of products is strictly controlled to meet stringent industry standards, achieve higher performance, to meet the regulations in force and fulfill its environmental mission.   BIOXY AFD inc. performs a variety of quality control tests on its chemistry and its biotechnology and remain consistently compliant with Canadian and international regulations, depending on the product. Products are analyzed in order to meet the requirements regarding the temperature variation cycles and long term stability requirements, depending the region where the product is marketed.

Our expertise

BIOXY AFD is a company that recognizes the challenges that confront them. This is why we surround ourselves experts in the field of sanitation and disinfection, all our products have the recognition of Health Canada and the approvals required for each of their applications.

The Passion

Several years were required to formulate the product that is safe for users, surfaces, the environment, without malodors and without pity for the microorganisms. Our passion to Research and Development allowed us today to offer such products.


A product is only effective if it is well balanced and well implemented. Therefore, training is of prime importance in safety programs. Aware of the issues related to safety, BIOXY AFD inc. teamed with the client to develop a seamless system where employees transferred knowledge is a key element. BIOXY AFD inc. offers further training given by specialists to support its representatives, distributors and business partners to ensure that hygiene programs and the use of the products are implemented effectively to meet compliance requirements. The training aims to develop expertise and superior process control.

Why a new disinfectant

The aldehyde (formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde) is used in the food industry as a sanitizer in hatcheries and farm buildings. Dilute solutions containing glutaraldehyde 0,2 - 0,3% is sprayed on the walls, floors and other surfaces. Fogging in buildings is carried out with automatic equipment using a solution containing about 400 ppm. Solutions containing about 750 ppm are used to disinfect the eggshells to assist in the removal of microorganisms. Unfortunately, glutaraldehyde is toxic, corrosive and harmful to the environment. It is also very dangerous for workers. The exhibition has serious repercussions as described below, not limited to this list: • Sore throat and lungs • Asthma and breathing difficulties • dermatitis and allergy • Nasal irritation • Sneezing • Wheezing • Burning eyes and conjunctivitis • Product carcinogen The health effects of exposure to aldehydes include:   • Short-term effects (acute) glutaraldehyde Contact with the liquid and vapor can cause severe irritation of the eyes and, at higher concentrations, burns of the skin. Breathing glutaraldehyde can irritate the nose, throat and respiratory tract, causing coughing, wheezing, nausea, headache, drowsiness, nosebleeds and dizziness. • Long-term effects (chronic) Glutaraldehyde is a sensitizer. This means that some workers become very sensitive to glutaraldehyde and can have strong reactions, even if they are exposed to small amounts. Workers can suffer from sudden asthma attacks with difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing and tightness in the chest. Prolonged exposure can cause skin allergies and chronic eczema, severe itching and rashes, even in small quantities. It was considered as a possible cause of occupational asthma.     In the interests of health and safety for users, BIOXY AFD inc. has already developed a safer product which control bacteria for superior compared to other products including, aldehydes.

The solutions offered by BIOXY AFD products combine efficiency, safety, respect for the environment. No other disinfecting solution offers all these advantages ...

What our customers say

Too good to be true, how a product can have as many disinfectant properties and with so few disadvantages.


Cherbourg Residence

An oxidant which does not damage the surfaces ..! It's amazing !!!.

Maxime Mathieu,


I have been working in the area of Chemical-biological Defense research here at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland, and disinfection science for over a decade. One of your company products, Bioxy is of special interest to me. Some of our preliminary investigation has shown a very promising application in the decontamination of surfaces...

Dr Rastogie


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